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  Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza

Trick: Walk Underwater
By Various Internet sources, Confirmed by Clayfrd
This is a FANTASTIC trick. It is also easy. To walk underwater in Delfino Plaza, simply go to the Shine Gate. From there, go to the pool of water directly behind it. Where the water from that pool flows into the river that cuts through Delfino Plaza is, there is a primitive gate. Proceed to swim towards the gate with the control stick. As you swim against it, dive with B and dive (while still holding forward on the Control stick) until you hear a thud and you fall through the floor of the pool and below the waterfall, STANDING UNDERWATER. You can walk, sleep, breathe, use FLUDD, or anything you could normally do, including ride Yoshi (explained in further detail later). Note: Sometimes you will fall through the floor into one of the manhole tunnels, in this case, simply try again.
Difficulty: EASY!
Trick: Top o' the Tower
Trick authored and verified by Clayfrd
Can you get to the top of the Shine Gate (tower with giant Shine Sprite) without using the Rocket Nozzle? There are a few ways. Figure one out!
Difficulty: Medium
Trick: Shine Escape
Authored and Verified by Clayfrd
Talk to the man on the rooftop that will throw you into the building holding a Shine for one coin. Pay up. Now that you're inside, (or if you missed, try again) try to get out of the building without getting the Shine! This is a fairly easy trick, try it yourself!
Difficulty: Medium
I have a trick in the works on how to enter a manhole without pounding it. I have not figured out exactly HOW to do it, but I have done it.
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