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  Beyond 120 Shines

Super Mario Sunshine: Beyond 120 Shines

This is a website clear in similarity to Walton Dell's Super Mario 64 Beyond 120 Stars website. By the way, I highly recommend you visit his website if you loved Mario 64 and still do like I do. Here's a link Beyond 120 Stars

It is a collection of stunts and tricks that one can do to increase replayability once finished with the game. Getting 120 Shines will not necessarily be required, but completing the story may be (beating Bowser Sr.).

My first tricks are in Delfino Plaza, and other levels are in development also. The tricks will NOT include full descriptions of how to do them, unless they are very hard to do or find. There will also probably be a page for Il Piantissimo records that will be open for submission. To submit times or tricks, contact me via the contact form, which is linked to on the left.


Delfino Plaza
Ricco Harbor
Sirena Beach
Pianta Village
Delfino Airstrip
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